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Syncing music to Apple TV 4...  



Hi all! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you! 

I have a Mac running Mojave and an Apple TV 4. I want to play Christmas music through our sound system that the Apple TV is connected to. I do not have any music subscriptions. 

For some reason (and I am sure that it's operator error) I can't access the music through the music app on the Apple TV-I have to have iTunes open on my computer and run the music through the computer app on the Apple TV. 

What do I have set up wrong? I have one playlist selected, Christmas (set up through iTunes on my Mac and synced). Through the music app on the Apple TV it shows only one playlist and it's called Downloaded. 

Thanks for any help. Judy

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Unfortunately, I think that what you're seeing is correct. ie. without a subscription to either Apple Music or iTunes Match then the Music app has no cloud based library of music to sync with. You should however still be able to access any music you have purchased through the iTunes Store - in the Recently Added section (if not in a playlist or elsewhere).

Maybe it would be easier for you to use Airplay to "push" music from your Mac, or an iPhone/iPad, to your Apple TV?

If you haven't yet tried Apple Music I think it still comes with a 3 month free trial - which would get you through Xmas?

In our house we use iTunes Match because we have a large library of old music ripped from CD, but we're not very adventurous in looking for new music that would be given by Apple Music.


The very original Apple TV that had an internal hard drive had the ability for music to be copied across from iTunes on a computer. (It also functioned quite well as a coffee pot warmer!) That music stored on the hard drive was available for play without need for the computer to be on. When Apple moved to the small black box that capability was removed.

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Ok. Well, that's too bad. I thought it used to be different but then I could be remembering wrong. It happens a lot. 

I was wondering if Airplay would work for that. Will give that a try! Thank you again, Graham... Judy


That's what I must have been thinking of... Oh, the good ol' days. lol