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System install Catch-22


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I have been doing some hacking to keep my mac cheese grater up to date with the latest system. A while back I installed a sapphire metal graphics card which allowed me to upgrade to 10.14 (I think it was). Recently I upgraded to Catalina and was going along fine. I made a mistake in upgrading to the recent update and ended up in a catch 22. I am stuck in the updating system where I get a notification that my mac can’t be upgraded to that. When I restart I can’t get the key combinations to do anything to allow me to start from another disk or something. When I put in the old graphics card I can get key combinations to work, but the only option I am given is to reinstall my system.

I’d gladly do that but it won’t actually let me because it sees my Catalina system and won’t let me downgrade to a lower system. And of course it won’t allow my machine to reinstall Catalina. Any way to force a reinstall of any lower system so I can get back on track?

I know I got myself into this, but I am annoyed that Mac let the cheese graters go.