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Thermal issues using cover on new MacBook Pro  



Its a very long story, but after an excruciatingly painful time dealing with AppleCare telephone support (dozens of calls and emails) and three trips to the Genius Bar all starting last October, apple offered yesterday to either swap a new motherboard on my 2015 mbp or replace the unit  with a 2018 model.  At the store, I decided to upgrade to the new unit, but now I am having second thoughts, and have a lot of anxiety over this     decision.  I’m interested in your feedback 

I really like the 2015 model, and chose it several years ago over the 2016 model with the Touch Bar , USB-C etc.  i like that I could eventually replace/upgrade  the ssd module (currently 1tb) on the 2015. I liked that it had built in usb3 and hdmi ports, and I love the MagSafe connector, and like the keyboard. So after a lot of research , about a year and a half ago I declined on a new 2016 mbp and picked up a mint 2015 2.8ghz quad core mbp with 1tb internal ssd, with a remaining year and a half on the AppleCare  (it just expired last week). I paid extra to find a unit that had the AppleCare, and it appears I made the correct decision about paying the extra.

That machine worked like a dream for over a year, but suddenly began to develop strange problems waking from sleep. Originally it would go into a mode where it would try to reinstall the OS without being asked to do so. It scared me to death. Remineded me of once accidentally using del *.* in the root directory in the old MS DOS days.    There have been a variety of other symptoms, but I narrowed it down and they all involved either not being able to wake from sleep, or dying while asleep. Not battery running low. Just dying while asleep.  There were months and months of troubleshooting involved with AppleCare, because this has been such intermittent issue. 

But in between the sleep wake problem, which could go two or three weeks without ever happening, this has been a dream unit, although I was very hesitant to do anything “important” like starting a new project, until the issue was resolved  

So anyway, here’s where Im interested in your thoughts,, I have heard about lots issues with the dust vulnerable butterfly keyboards on these newer models. I’ve also heard about overheating issues so I am a little nervous about this.  Apple will allow me to extend AppleCare on the replacement unit at my expense, an $400 expense that I wasn’t counting on, as I only really wanted my 2015 unit fixed, you know, under AppleCare. However, given that this would be a new replacement unit, I feel that I better get the coverage, especially based on what I experienced with this 2015 model, and with all the keyboard and thermal issues that I have read about with these 2016 and newer models. 

So a couple of questions. 

1: is there danger in using a clamshell case on  the new 2018 MacBook Pro? I don’t want to risk any overheating. Given what I just went through on the other machine, I plan on babying this new unit like none other  - I am a bit paranoid. On the other hand, I shouldn’t have to baby a $4000 machine. It should work . I shouldn’t have to worry about “holding it the right way” or using a case to avoid scratches contributing to overheating. (Sorry for the mini rant).  

2: Are the butterfly keyboards as bad as I have read? Am I getting a toy machine like some users have commented?

3: Should  I just push to get my 2015 model fixed. Btw Apple could not  guarantee that replacing the 2015 motherboard would fix my problem. So it is possible that after all this,  I would be back at square one.

Btw, at one point apple was blaming my crashing  problem on using Carbon Copy Cloner, then blaming it on running paralllels Vm, then blaming it on running virtual box. For months I basically had to sandbox all my programs on a different partition, and prove to Apple that it wasn’t those programs, which I know many of you also use on a daily basis. Finally I loaded just Mojave on a small partition with nothing else. I didn’t even log into iCloud, or log into anything with my Apple ID.. I got  the problem to happen on the first boot up. I saved the logs and error codes. I took it to the Genius Bar, where they ran hardware diagnostics and couldn’t find anything wrong. So they installed Mojave again at the Geniius bar on the machine, and sent me on my way, implying that because I wasn’t running all Apple software, it was my own damm fault .

4: So the last thing I want at this point after all this aggravation  is to be fighting with keyboards that don’t work if a spec of dust gets on the machine, a machine that overheats and throttles when the cpu is running at 30%, or worse overheats and crashes. Some users have reported that the fan never shuts off on the new units. This kind of stuff is scary to me.  

5: so fellow Mac geek gab brothers and sisters, please help me off the ledge. I don’t know what to do.. I am grateful that Apple is finally acknowledging something is wrong with my 2015 mbp, working with me to try to resolve the issue, so please don’t get me wrong. But as I get older, I have learned to try to avoid jumping out of a frying pan into the fire whenever possible.  And frankly, I have completely lost faith in Apple. I am depressed about this, because for a very long time  they provided tools for my creativity. I rearly had to ask these questions, because their stuff just worked.  It allowed me to escape my left brain for a while, to make music, to be creative. I want to get back to that and not have to run to the geniius Bar every 5 minutes. I don’t want to have to worry that it’s my fault that my iPad Pro is bent. (Sorry another mini rant)

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated before I swap my unit out. I still have the option of them trying to replace the motherboard as a fix. I’m leaning towards the new unit, but I’m worried.

Thank you for reading this and thank your for your wisdom and insight in advance.