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Time Machine backups-verified & now wants to make a new backup... No!  



Hi-I have a 2014 MBP running the latest Catalina (10.15.4) and about 3 weeks ago Time Machine said it needed to verify my Time Capsule (old) and once that was done it needed to create a new backup. I said ok and it took a long time but I got the message it was done and a new backup was created.

Well, I have gotten a couple more messages that the Time Capsule has been verified and needs to do ANOTHER new backup! I checked and my Time Machine backs now only go back to 30 April instead of many months or even a years worth of backups. 

I don't want this to keep happening. Any idea what is going on? Is my Time Capsule going bad? I do backup to a NAS and to the cloud and do a clone now and then so I am covered BUT I don't know what's going on with my Time Machine backups... 

Thank you for your help, Judy

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My understanding of these errors that cause a "verification followed by delete/restart" is that they usually happen due to interrupted network connection while TM backups are happening.

Really hard to troubleshoot but if there are any glitches on your wifi / network setup that may be the underlying cause.

But frustratingly once the error has happened there is only a small chance that any type of repair will work. I tend to go on to the Time Capsule and rename the old backup file into a subfolder before letting Time Machine create a new one... just in case there is a chance that I need to use forensic recovery of something from that old backup.


Hi Graham-Thank you for your reply. How exactly do I go into my TC and rename the old backup file into a subfolder? Do I create another folder on my TC and name it "old backup"? I am clueless here. Can I expect this behavior to continue? Does your "crystal ball" give you any hints? I will do a clone backup tonight for sure! Judy

You can browse the files on the Time Capsule via Finder. You should be able to see a shortcut for the Time Capsule in the "Locations" section of the left sidebar of Finder. It may prompt for a password to connect but after that it looks like any other folder.
Note: If you decide to manually *delete* any old backup "bundle" files be aware that this might take quite a long time.

As to whether this will continue.... possibly, depending on what is causing the problem. Certainly, if you haven't already, do a restart of the Time Capsule (while there is no backup happening). And if the Time Capsule is old there is a chance that the hard drive in it is failing but I don't think there is any easy way of proving that.