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Transferring 2008 Mac Pro to 2017 iMac Pro frustrations  



I am having varying levels of lack of success with the different methods to transfer over my 2008 Mac Pro to my 2017 fresh out of the box iMac Pro. I am sure it's because of problems that I was having with the 2008. Sometimes it will work for many weeks without problems, and then suddenly I wouldn't be able to launch programs because it said that they were power PC applications (they were not). I was having difficulty making a time machine back up. I initially attempted to do Migration Assistant over Wi-Fi which was taking a really long time. It's stalled out at four hours and 16 minutes and then later decided that it would take 136 hours. I quit that and tried making a time machine back up. After a few false starts, I finally got it to make progress and left it alone... Until midway through, I accidentally knocked the drive off of the desk and it was hanging by its cable which created problems in the back up. I had a few more fall starts and then at about 1115 last night and said that there were eight minutes left. When I woke up, it said that they were problems creating the time machine back up so I started it again in the morning. It initially said they were only 117 MB left a copy but then two hours later the size kept increasing. I was running out of room on the drive. I hooked up an ethernet cable between the old Mac Pro and the new iMac Pro and I'm currently trying to use migration assistant. It seems to be crawling at a snails pace and is was stuck on one hour and 36 minutes left while transferring documents. Now it is at two hours and 27 minutes. Is this just a false indicator? I guess I will just leave it and hope for the best.

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Ethernet for Mac to Mac migration is probably your best bet at this point, but you just need to be patient. Migration Assistant is most notorious for failing to accurately estimate time remaining.

This is because each estimate is based on the transfer speed at that moment, but the speed various depending on what's being transferred. Applications tend to be slowest since they're bundles often made up of hundreds of thousands of individual files.

It's likely to succeed but you must just give it time. Even when it seems to stall for a while, more often than not it's still on its way.