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Turn off "ignore accidental trackpad input" and other annoying features?  



I don't know if that's the feature that's doing the thing I hate, but anyway...

If I'm, say, reading a web page, and I go to scroll down after not having scrolled for a while, the scrolling does not start immediately.  Instead, I have to scroll a certain distance before macOS accepts that it's what I meant to do - which then results in the page suddenly jumping to catch up to my fingers, rather than smoothly scrolling with my fingers.  Is there any way to turn that off?  It's really annoying.

I'd also like to be able to turn off window snap.  I don't suppose there's a way that's built into the OS, is there?

Lastly, I hate the translucent menu bar.  Some versions of macOS ago, it used to be optional; now that appears no longer to be the case.  (Yes, I skipped quite a few macOS versions, so I don't know when that happened.)  Is there any way to turn that off aside from Accessibility, which unfortunately also causes the Dock to become opaque?  (Which reminds me, are there any third-party solutions to make the Dock invisible, so only the icons remain, like Mirage used to do?)

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I'll take a stab at the last question regarding Translucent Menu Bar. This used to be an option in Desktop & Screen Saver, and now it's a slightly-different option in System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Reduce transparency.

Screenshot 2018 10 11 15.20.19

Thanks Dave, but I was hoping for a different way, even if it requires a third-party solution.  Accessibility affects the Dock as well as the menu bar, and I would rather the Dock become completely transparent/invisible (icons excluded) than opaque.


This is going to sound banana-pants crazy, but I'm in the same boat in terms of the menu bar translucency. I solved it by editing my wallpaper image to add a black bar the same height as the menu bar. The exact dimensions will vary based on your resolution and DPI settings but, as an example, on my 5K iMac at an effective Retina resolution of 2560x1440, my menu bar is 46 pixels tall. So I added a 46px-height black bar to the top of the wallpaper image which gives me the solid black menu bar I want (see attached screenshots for comparison).

Unfortunately this is only easy/practical for static wallpaper images. If you're using dynamic wallpaper in Mojave, or the traditional "auto rotate" wallpaper feature, you'd need to edit all of the images individually. It's possible to edit the core images of a dynamic wallpaper file, but in that case you're looking at least 16 different files you'd need to modify. But if you use just a single wallpaper image, hey, it's worth a shot.

menu bar translucent
menu bar opaque

I completely forgot about that workaround.  I remember people mentioning it when Apple first made the menu bar translucent, back in Lion or whenever it was.  I don't know if I'm going to take the time to implement it (I'm using dynamic desktop), but thanks!

I found an app to customize the Dock on SourceForge called cDock.  It's no longer free, but at least it isn't too expensive.  It requires temporarily disabling SIP though, so I'm not super keen on trying it out.  Cosmetic issues don't bug me nearly as much as the trackpad scrolling thing and window snap do.  (And thank goodness the vertical Dock isn't as ugly as it was when the 3-D Dock was around.)


thats help me