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[Solved] Turn on and boot into a Mac remotely  



I have an iMac at home. Due to energy saving reasons, I really do not like the iMac to be always on, but I still want to be able to access my iMac remotely.

So, I came up with this scenario:

1) With Siri and Homekit (with a HomePod acting as a hub), I use an Eve Energy plug connected to the iMac to switch on the power.

2) It would be nice if the iMac starts booting directly when the power is being switched on. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to do so, if the Mac had been shut down properly before. Automatic startup only works after a power failure (

3) In order to have the Mac up and running, I have enabled automatic login:

4) Jump Desktop starts after the login (I like Jump Desktop to access any device, it works just great from everywhere).

5) The Mac is available.

Everything works nicely, apart from the issue about the Mac not starting up automatically after giving it power via the Eve Energy plug.

The only way out of this problem I can think about is to use Wake On LAN. The thing is that I am not on the LAN when I am out and about. So, I am not able to send the magic packet to wake the iMac.

Do you have any idea how to accomplish what I am looking for?

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If you have a device on your home network that provides "Sleep Proxy" services, then when you attempt to access the iMac the device performing the "Sleep Proxy" service will send a Wake-On-LAN packet for you.

The Apple Airport Extreme, Express, Time Capsule and Apple TV all can provide "Sleep Proxy" services.

It is possible there are 3rd party home WiFi routers that will also provide a "Sleep Proxy", but you would have to check.


I’m pretty sure there aren’t any third party devices that provide BSP, unfortunately.


Thank you so much for your answers.

Well, I have a 4th generation AppleTV. Right now, it is sitting behind a plug with a switch. So, it is not online 24/7. But I would be ok changing that because the AppleTV does not really consume much power according to Apple.

I have never heard before about BSP. It sounds just great. I will look into that!