Uncheck songs/playlist in iTunes 12.9...  



iTunes continues to mystify me. I am running the latest Mojave on my 2014 MBP and I want to uncheck my Christmas songs. I don't have any subscriptions to any music on iTunes. I just want to be able to just play my 'regular', non-holiday songs. I don't want to hear Christmas or any Frozen songs (both are lovely by the way) or any lullaby songs, just my songs-like Abigail Washburn, Adele, Allison Kraus, Chumbawamba, etc. I have a playlist called My Songs. But if I choose Shuffle, Christmas songs creep in now and then! Infuriating. I don't want to delete those holiday and other genre. I hope someone can help me figure out how to manage my songs. Or do I need a 3rd party app to do it for me? Thank you! Judy




It sounds like what you are looking to do is use the "skip while shuffling" setting. You can do that here:


It looks like that should solve your problem.


Thank you, Brian!