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[Solved] Update failed of Mac OS 10.13.6  



When I tried to update to the new High Sierra, the Mac downloaded and rebooted, as expected. But then it hung on the "Installing software update" screen. The progress bar had barely started when the cursor turned to a beach ball and it never progressed further. After waiting what seemed some long time, I gave up and manually powered down, then restarted. When it came back, the Mac App Store no longer listed the 10.13.6 update as an update. I checked "about this Mac" and it still says 10.13.5. Now what? Do I try to get the App Store to show it to me? Or can I find it on Apple's site?

Plzzz help asap


1 Answer

It does sound like maybe it got part way through the update.

You can manually update by downloading the 10.13.6 “combo” updater which will update anything between 10.13 & 10.13.5.