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upgrade 2008 imac  



I am starting to have trouble opening videos, seeing some content and getting online with some websites. I understand that it is because I am using Yosemite and/or my computer is just too old (made Feb., 2008). I would like to upgrade the processor, graphics card and memory. I currently have a 2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo processor, 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory and an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 128 MB graphics card. What can I use to upgrade?

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That is called buying a new Mac of your choice.   The most you can do for your existing Mac is upgrade the disk to an SSD, and if you have not maxed out the RAM, then upgrade that.


The CPU, the graphics, the firmware, etc... are not upgradable.   And that Mac is going to stuck using an older unsupported operating system.


If you must get some more years out of it, then replace the disk with an SSD, max out the RAM, and limp along until you can get a new Mac.   Check OWC as they will have upgrade kits for your Mac.


But personally, I would save that money for a new Mac.  Maybe a Mac mini and an external monitor (either a 24" 1080p or a 27 or 28 or 32" 4K monitor).  Use your existing keyboard and mouse.

I suggest you buy a new Mac. I have the same iMac. I've ruled out upgrading to an SSD because it has some other, permanent disadvantages that simply make it not worthwhile to me. :

1) It'll run a maximum of El Capitan (10.11.6)
2) Maximum 6 GB RAM (I'm running 5 GB - a new 4 GB stick plus one of the original 1 GB sticks - the price of upgrading the 1 GB stick to a 2 GB stick doesn't seem worthwhile for the sake of a single GB gain)
3) It doesn't support Internet Recovery. So, if you have a problem requiring Recovery and you can't boot to the internal Recovery partition (say, an HDD failure), you'd better have either a thumb drive with a bootable installer, or another Mac that you can use for booting to Target Disk Mode, or a still-working internal SuperDrive and an OS X Snow Leopard install DVD.
4) Has a core duo, which is way too slow for modern software
5) It doesn't support newer Bluetooth versions

Altogether, by the time I open the thing up, migrate drive contents to the new drive, etc., even $150 (250 GB SSD plus additional RAM) seems like too much to spend.