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Upgrade to Catalina or pointless?  



My current setup is a Mac Mini 2018 which is my Plex server, VPN passthrough, iTunes setup and other must use Mac software computer. I have a Luna Display attached to this system allowing me to control it with my IPad Pro 11 with my Apple Pencil 2. 

Currently I’m running iPad OS 13 on the iPad Pro 11 and iOS 13 on my iPhone. 

Since everything is running fine currently with Mojave, should I leave the Mac Mini 2018 on Mojave or upgrade to Catalina? 

Am I missing out on anything or are there benefits from staying where I am?

i know I would get sidecar but since I already have the Luna Display that isn’t the tipping point. 

Thanx in advance. 

1 Answer

Catalina hasn't been released yet. Upgrading might be valuable but I would wait until it's been out, perhaps until December or January, and make sure to validate full support by all of the core apps you use.