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user creation & ease of login


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i help a lady with her office.  its started as a fun distraction as they only had 3 iMacs and only needed a little light help occasionally.  Now there are 9 of them and the buggers will not sit still ! i have asked them to pick the iMac up and move it round but they keep swapping staff / desk teams and needing new users which i have all working via icloud sync 

HOWEVER,  When you create a new user on BiG Sur , you cannot create enough so on day one they "just log in".  After the first login , it leaves the screen prompting for other information like "Use iCloud keychain?" or "Set up later?"

is it just me or am i missing something?




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Sounds to me like you’re entering the realm of needing “mobile accounts” managed on a network account server.


thanks yeah i had a look at his but at the moment its more because the business is expanding and they have low end staff . Some of the new staff coming in are rubbish and being replaced after a month or two.

so my real issue is when creating a new account , not being able to remotely log it in fully (i use remotePC which is not being active until after the apple prompts)