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Video Mystery on MacBook Pro Early 2015


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I have a technical mystery I need help with on my 13" MacBook Pro early 2015 running Catalina.

When the computer boots, about halfway through the startup loading bar, the video starts to glitch - turns lower half of screen red and jittery then goes full blown mosaic and is visually unresponsive. 

Damaged screen or video cable, you might say...

But here are the mysterious points

1. The computer starts in safe boot without any trouble and display works impeccably.

2. While the display is on the fritz, I accessed the computer through screen sharing and decided to run a Spindump. For the duration of the spindump (10 seconds or so) the screen was suddenly operational and I was able to use the computer normally. 

My question: Based on these two observations, is there a way to identify what process might be causing the display catastrophe and eliminate it? Or are there other means to troubleshoot this type of problem?

Apple wants me to send the whole thing in, but I have a feeling repair will cost more than I paid for it in the first place. 

Any sleuthing would be much appreciated.