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Want some tips on a new Mac purchase… Mac mini?  



So… The stimulus check will be coming, my unemployment check will be coming… I will be having some extra cash lying around that I would like to finally upgrade my Mac Pro 2008. Mind you, this is a workhorse. It has served me well since getting it from Applecare for my Mac pro G4 that was having a loud fan problem. I usually replace my computers when AppleCare expires, but there was no reason with this one. I have a 23 inch cinema display that I can be happy with. I put a graphics card in my Mac Pro so that I could run Final Cut. I have 22 GB of RAM. Also, I upgraded it with an SSD drive. The highest this will go is El Capitan, which gets frustrating at times.

So, while I often have brushed off the idea of a Mac mini and lusted for a Mac Pro, currently they are way out of my league both financially and it would simply be overkill. When I got news of the money coming in, I started looking at Apple‘s website. I have this monitor which I am content with so I brushed off the thought of an iMac, because..well, I do have a monitor. I am sure the iMac has a better monitor though, am I wrong to brush it off? Also, they have the iMac Pro, but that is pretty expensive. So what is everyone’s thoughts? Any suggestions? I am reading that the Mac mini doesn’t have a very good GPU and that people need to upgrade to an external one. Would I have to do that? Mind you, I am not a graphics professional or a filmmaker, but I do like to have options and not sell myself short. Should I get a new monitor?


any input would be greatly appreciated. 

thanks- Larry 

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Stick with what you have for now. You can always get a 4K 28” or 32” later if you find you have a money making need.


You are making a 12 year leap in CPU and storage and memory access. See if the integrated GPU is good enough for now. Again, if you have a money making need, you can add an external GPU box later. 

So stick with the monitor? Good idea. Thanks. I guess I should just see how it looks and if I’m not happy upgrade later. Or just wait until the thing craps out.