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Is The Apple Airpods Worth The Hype? Poll is created on Oct 01, 2018


What are your thoughts on the Apple Airpods?  



Personally, it's my first Apple product and I'm just amazed by the Apple brand innovation with this particular product.


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Sorry, it was a genuine question but my signature may of cause concern. I recently brought this product and was curious about others feelings about the Apple AirPods. My purchase wasn't based on hype but rather on a public observation, being I was looking to make a purchase and was observing what was the public popular choice though observation. I made the purchase and was totally happy with my Apple product. So, I'm an Apple owner after all these years...


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I got my AirPods based on Dave Hamilton's was positive impressions, after being initially skeptical (hope I did not put words into Dave's mouth).

I use my AirPods when working around the house, riding my bike, rollerblading, if I do not want to listen to the TV but I do want to be in the same room with my wife, or when I'm in a cafe or other public space and want to listen to music, podcast, YouTube, etc...

The AirPods stay in my ears better than corded earphone, where my head turning would eventually cause a cord to pull one or the other corded earphone out.  I even own a pair of Bluetooth earphones, the kind that has a cord that goes around the back of your neck.  They still pulled the earphones out of my ears.

The AirPods do not fall out on their own.  The only time I have to worry about them falling out is if I bump something against the bottom of the AirPod.  While that does happen from time to time, it is not a common occurrence, and I am aware that it is an issue, and try to avoid it

I like that the case goes in my pocket and are almost always with me, and I can quickly put them into my ears or quickly take them out of ears and put them away.  Corded earphones do not do that as easily, and the behind my neck Bluetooth corded earphones do not pack up easily at all.

Thanks for sharing,

It sounds like overall you like the product which I'm there with you. I had similar experiences with the cord snagging, so the AirPods have delivered on a better user experience for me. As for some of the other problems you mentioned. Amazon has a bunch of accessories that may provide some solutions, which ultimately would lead you to a better user experience, try using the search term "AirPod accessories" in Amazon. I think there may be some useful accessory choices.


Thanks again for sharing... 


My iPhone is the Apple product I could least do without, followed by my Macs.  AirPods come in 3rd.  I'd definitely give up my iPad before I'd give up my AirPods.  And I bought AirPods instead of an Apple Watch or Apple TV or HomePod.


Old UNIX Guy

I see your an experience Apple product user. I was wondering about some of the other product you mentioned, but I'm not sold on them yet. The watch, in particular, most people I ask like it, but can't tell me any real exciting features about it other than they answer & send texts on it. The AirPods are awesome from enjoying my music cord-free, to enjoying phone conversation with friends and family.

Thanks for sharing...


I have no interest in AirPods.  I prefer earphones with isolation - I used Apple's wired earbuds in the past, and I have no desire to turn the volume level up to damaging levels in order to be able to hear over urban environmental noises.  I use a pair of Westone in-ear monitors.  They're basically earplugs with built-in drivers.  They're not the best option when you have to be able to respond to / communicate with others, but otherwise I'm very happy with them.

As Dave said, it's a trade-off between audio quality and convenience.  For me, the added convenience is not enough to accept the loss in audio quality.  Plus, I don't ever want to have to think about charging them.  (And that includes keyboards, mice, etc. as well.)  I also prefer wired options over wireless because of the impact all those batteries have on the environment.

BTW, I don't mean to be controversial, but most people who are into high-end audio consider Bose to be snake oil.  Beats are awful as well.  Bang & Olufsen can be good, depending on the product, but you're paying a huge premium for the design.  Grado, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, etc. headphones may not look as cool, but they sound much better, especially from a price-to-performance standpoint.

Hey, I totally hear you the environment and all. However, tech innovation like this is not a one size fit all, for some, it's a very exciting piece of tech for what it offers, and believe it or not I've had your viewpoint for some time if it's not broke why fix it. The AirPod purchase for me wasn't on hype. My purchase was because of a reoccurring problem of the snag wires, that would leave me with one earbud at a time, then none. Then I would by again and repeat the cycle. I look at the cost of the cycle over time, and all the wasted wired headphones I was putting out there in the environment and decided there may be a better option for me. I'm happy to report that choice I'm happy with and the product serves me well. Its the first time I've ever brought an Apple product for myself, and it says to me that the tech innovation in those little AirPods is amazing in, convenience and, in relative sound quality. They will be either useful to you or not, but in either case, if it works for you why change it unless your into the latest and greatest and that doesn't sound like you my friend, again I understand if it ain't broke why fix it. thanks for sharing...


When AirPods were announced, like pretty much everyone else, I did a double take and laughed my socks off.

However, I thought I'd give the a try and bought a pair shortly after launch with the full intention of returning them within fourteen days.

How wrong was I?  They're fantastic.  If I lost/broke mine now, I'd buy a replacement set tomorrow.  That's how good I think they are.  

Thanks for sharing...Your story reminds me of the many people I came across trying something new for the first time but harboring major doubt or protest and after the great experience, they become the product advocate or spokesperson. Funny story my better half criticizes most of my electronic purchases, but when she learns the benefits and the conveniences the item brings, she's online buying two and three of em, it's the funniest thing. So, Feek I truly understand...thanks again for sharing...


Normally my best friend poo-poos the idea of my liking Apple so when he bought AirPods on my recommendation and then raved about them, I felt vindicated!

I use them for podcasts at night before sleep so if I do go to sleep with them in, I know that if they fall out they won't be damaged by my laying on them or getting totally lost in the bed. Nor will they attempt to strangle me! The other relevant bit of info is that I use a sleep apnea mask which is operational all night and I can use that and the AirPods without any problem which would be very difficult if I had any form of "string" attached.

As far as audio quality is concerned, I am now old enough not to worry about hearing up to 20khz - the few frequencies I am still left with are more than adequate for day-to-day usage and the phones themselves are more than comfortable.

All-in-all, a great product.

Hey Cognomen,

I'm glad to hear that you're vindicated, as I know what it's like to have someone rag you on your product choices. The joy is that much enjoyable when you see your friends attachment to a product or brand they ragged you for liking. Cognomen, you should take pictures, savor the


@datafornothingandbitsforfree accurately represented my thoughts here. The AirPods are a product I use daily, and love them. And by all accounts I should hate them, given that I'm a picky audio nerd and all of that. 😉 But instead they are an absolute delight. Mostly I use them as a bluetooth headset at my desk for phone calls, but I also use them for listening to music when walking. The work quite well, though the sound quality is not going to match high-end audio gear. 

Thanks for sharing,

I've heard that before that the AirPods don't match up to other high-end audio products, I guess that would be the Bose, but after the number 1 product, AirPods takes second easily.  Glad to hear that you're enjoying them although you have some reservation about the sound quality.


Audio quality on the AirPods is easily beat by other products on the market. That said, the convenience factor of the AirPods makes them fantastic for casual listening and especially for phone calls. 

Also, the fact that the AirPods don't seal simultaneously limits their audio quality while making them perfect for listening while walking in a busy environment.

No one set of headphones is perfect, but the AirPods do a lot of things right. My guess is that for the majority of folks, AirPods could be the only thing needed.