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[Solved] What happened with iTunes and apps this week?  



On one Mac, I am still running MacOS Sierra with iTunes This is the version that still allows me to manage apps from within iTunes. Until last week, this was all working fine.

Today I went to update my iOS apps in iTunes and I got error messages. When I checked in the Mobile Applications folder in the iTunes Media folder — I was shocked to see that all the apps there were now 0 Bytes in size. In other words, they had all been effectively deleted.

Has anyone else seen this? Do you know what happened? Did Apple do something that this feature no longer works even in this older setup? Thanks.

3 Answers

And that's that. People reported that the problem suddenly fixed itself. I tried it and they were correct. Everything updated correctly. So strange. But a happy ending.

Bizarre, and thanks for sharing all this, @tedlandau. Crazy.


Correction: Not ALL of the apps are Zero bytes. Just 101 of 919 apps are so listed. This seems to include all the apps I recently tried to update (23 apps) but obviously includes more as well. No idea what is going on.


FYI: I am not the only person with this problem. There is a thread in Apple Community that discusses this:

The symptom may have been triggered by Apple's latest Security Update.