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what is "'?  



Why do I keep gettng "" when cutting and pasting from my iphone? I guess it mostly happen with the Notes app

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Your question is a little vague so I will ask some questions:

You said "from" your iPhone. Do you mean from your iPhone to some other device/service? Can you be more specific?

You said it mostly happens with the Do you mean the on your Mac, iPhone or on

Also, is this an iPhone issue or a Mac issue? You posted your question in the Mac Questions Forum so I want to be sure which platform the issue is occurring on.

I apologize for asking so many questions but it's in an effort to better help you.

Kind regards


In an effort to not leave you stranded with just a series of questions, if you are talking about the Universal Clipboard be sure it is turned on for both the Mac and Phone

I'll enter something in my phone on the notepad and I will highlight it and cut it and then paste it in to, say, facebook, and I get the "obj" symbol throughout the text

0A85EC81 C388 462A 880C F924353F1F88 4 5005 c



Oh...I am most likely using speech to text


When pasting in Facebook or elsewhere that results in the OBJ issue that you are describing try to use command-shift-v instead of command-v.

Command-v is indeed paste but the copy made prior to paste also copies some styling that the selection picked up. So copy does inherent styling and the location you paste into may not be prepared to translate some of the styling the copy function picked up. So a command-v, a straight normal paste may result in unexpected characters or other undesirable side effects. So the challenge is to paste with all the styling stripped so that the location you paste into is receiving content only, without any styling.

This. is where command-shift-v comes in, it pastes but ignores any styling that the copy might have, this should avoid seeing any unexpected results in the location you paste into. In other words, command-shift-v is a raw paste, only the content is pasted.

Keep me posted and thank you for the screen shot, it helped.

PS, when replying here in the forum (not sure about commenting) you can paste images or drag and drop them right into the text well that you are replying into. You don't need to use an external image hosting service.

Keep me posted.


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