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What is MacSSHomeInstaller_1_6_0Up (CarbonCopyCloner)...  



I was gone from home for a couple of weeks and took a portable WD external drive with me to do a clone backup now and then. I thought it was working fine when I ran CCC but when I got home I plugged it in and first of all it shows up with the title MacSSHomeInstaller_1_6_0Up (in the Finder and CCC). What is that? Why isn't it named like I had it? It was called Portable Clone. And what do I do now? 

I am running Catalina on a 2014 MBP. Thank you! Hope that 2020 is a good year for everyone... Judy

2 Answers

Hi Judy. I wonder if your drive has a hidden partition with software from WD. I would eject it and reconnect. You could also open Disk Utility and see if you can find the Portable Clone volume, possibly after selecting All Devices in the View menu.


Thank you, Ben, for getting back to me. Well, now it won't even boot up. I am submitting a RMA to WD for a replacement. 😥