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What is the file on my HD


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Hey guys I have a 2018 MacBook Pro that won’t allow  me to delete 1 Cache file in my Macintosh HD. If I go to Macintosh HD > Library > Caches (to Clear the Caches) I have the permissions to delete all the files except for permissions to delete  a file by the name of What is this this file that appears to be blank on my Hard Drive and should I be concerned it won’t go away (Cant Delete )? I looked on the Apples questions forum and others have the same issue but have not come up with a solution. Its always been a habit for me to clear the system Cache and HD Cache weekly but ever since I did a clean install of Big Sur last year this aned file is there that just won’t go away so what is it

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Hello Hank

I guess my first question would be, why do you want or need to delete a file that is not in the user domain; a file whose purpose you are not even aware of.

When I ls -la the /Caches folder

➜ Caches ls -la
ls: Operation not permitted
total 16
drwxrwxrwt 8 root admin 256 Aug 4 12:31 .
drwxr-xr-x 66 root wheel 2112 Aug 3 22:48 ..
[email protected] 1 alexsantos admin 6148 Aug 4 12:31 .DS_Store
[email protected] 3 root admin 96 Aug 3 22:48 ColorSync
drwxr-xr-x 4 root admin 128 Aug 3 22:48 Desktop Pictures
[email protected] 3 alexsantos admin 96 Aug 4 01:50
drwx--x--x 1383 _iconservices admin 44256 Aug 4 12:31

It is noteworthy to understand that this file, maybe even a folder who knows is part of the root directory's cache folder not your home cache folder. I have never bothered deleting the contents of /Library/Caches only because the contents therein are not generated by activities the user brings about, not directly anyway.

I would venture to say that the moment you delete that file, likely in recovery mode via the terminal, it will rebuild itself. Of course, the same would be true with ~/Library/Cache contents but the /Library/Caches are really not in the user domain.

I guess one question I have is why are you trying to delete the contents of /Library/Caches and specifically this item ( Were you told to delete this or was it in the process of trying to delete the contents of /Library/Caches did you find a permissions issue and are now curious as to why that item is stubborn.

I can tell you that if you google the file "" there are steps on how to delete it. In summary you boot into recovery mode (steps vary depending on CPU, intel or apple), issue a few commands in terminal to delete it. In the Apple discussions forum that I looked at claims are made that everything continues to work as expected but here is the thing, this file belongs to the OS, it's on OS cache item that can't be deleted even using sudo. It begs the question, why delete a file that is in the OS domain, whose function is unknown and if deleted may cause issues down the road.

I would leave it alone, unless you love to tinker 🙂