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Whats taking up my drive space.  



Mac mini (Late 2012) High Sierra

I'm runnuing low on disk space, only 39.5 GB available, out of 250 GB. However the disk space programs i've ran all report about 80 GB of space being used.

How do a find out what is taking up the remaining 135 GB and where its located?




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Ok, may have solved it.

Turns out it was time machine snapshots.  I used the 'tmutil thinlocalsnapshots'  command and my drive went from from 86% full down to 34% full.  I have clones of the disk, so i'm not too worried about thinning out the snapshots.

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When using OmniDiskSweeper, or any utility that shows all your files...  See the following article if you want to run it as root
There are files that you will not have permissions to see, unless you are running as root.  Follow the instructions in the above article and start OmniDiskSweeper running as root.


Thanks for the tip datafornothinandbitsforfree , however that only showed an extra 2 GB.  

I think it may be time to wipe the drive and start from scratch.


My internal SSD boot drive was also filling up.  It turns out that Carbon Copy Cloner creates snapshots and if the regular destination clone disk isn’t available it writes these snapshots to the boot drive, in my case almost filling it up.  CCC turns this setting on when it encounters an APFS disk to clone.  I turned snapshots off in Carbon Copy Cloner preferences and was able to delete 175 GB of snapshots from the boot SSD.  Time Machine may make snapshots on the boot drive as well if the target Time Machine storage disk isn’t available.  Is there a way to control Time Machine snapshots?

You should most likely report this, and the circumstances to the Carbon Copy Cloner team. They are very responsive to feed back 


You can use DaisyDisk or CleanMyMac X to find out. Both of apps are my favorite 🙂

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