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Where should I post this? (Mac Laptop problem with dark horizontal bar at bottom on dock).  



HI all, I'm new to this site/forum and want to start by getting advice as to how to best direct my question, lots of stuff out here. I am writing to get diagnostic or fix-it or ANY advice on a problem with a Mac laptop (my daughter owns it and is currently studying in Taiwan, so I am the point guy here near Chicago). The screen has developed a dark horizontal bar kind of covering what looks like maybe a half inch of the dock on the bottom that won't go away, I can post pix and specs on the box itself. Ideas on where to post or start new thread? Thx much, really appreciated. 

2 Answers

This seems like as good a place as any!

Pardon me if my suggestions are too obvious, but what I'd try first is:

1) Safe boot (Press shift during startup). This could potentially clean up some caches, etc.
2) NVRAM reset (Option-Command-P-R on startup). Some video settings might be in stored here.
3) Create a new user and see if that user has the same problem. It could be an application/extension for that user.

However, a black bar sounds bad and could be a hardware issue...


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