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Window 7 on MacBook Pro mid 2010  




I have a MacBook Pro mid 2010 OS X version 10.11.6  I can’t use the current BCA 6 for window 7  

found this online but want to double check. 

“Windows 7
Download Boot Camp Support 4.0.4131 for MacBook (Late 2006 through Mid 2010)”

Can anyone please give me some guidance? I need window 7 for biofeedback equipment and can’t easily afford a rehab pc. 

This is the entire quote. My MBP is listed. 


“Windows 7
Download Boot Camp Support 4.0.4131 for MacBook (Late 2006 through Mid 2010), MacBook Air (Early 2008 through Late 2010), MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo, 2.4/2.2GHz, Early 2008 through Late 2011), Mac Pro (Mid 2006 through Mid 2010)”


I downloaded 4.0.4131 and it was saved as bootcamp-2. I still have the 6.0.1 version. I don’t know what to do.



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It's quite a while since I've installed Bootcamp, but to a large degree it is a set of hardware drivers for Windows and an older version of those wouldn't be a problem given the package supports your Mac.

Where the greatest danger lies is when BCA is altering the boot & partition layout of the drive to give you the ability to boot into Windows.

I'd say... make sure you have a clone of your drive and also another backup (eg. CCC + Time Machine) then go ahead and try and run it.


I have boot camp version 6.0
I downloaded the correct BCA version 4.0.4131. When I click on setup.exe for version 4.0.4131 I get an alert
“You can’t open the application ‘setup.exe’ because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on OS X.”

I rather not have to buy a Windows pc to run my biofeedback software.

I deeply appreciate any help.

OK, so Boot Camp Support is not the same as Boot Camp Assistant.
You must first run Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac (whatever the current version is) to have it create the relevant partitions on your hard drive to be able to boot into Windows. Part of what BCA does is create a set of drivers to install inside Windows *after* you have installed Windows on the created partition. Note that you will also need a copy of Windows to install

I've not done this for quite some time so I don't recall the exact steps that BCA walks your through but I believe you should be able to do that walk through but use your downloaded set of drivers rather than the WIn10 drivers the BCA creates for you..


MacBook Air is very much the same as doing so on a MacBook Pro. I think its better.