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Would you be able to switch an account done with sign in with Google to apple?  



With apple getting in that space, would it be possible to move accounts created with the Sign in with Google to Sign in with Apple. Like if I have used Google sign in for Evernote, would I be able to switch to Apple without loosing my user data? Since Apple sign it will work on the web also, not just in apps, I'm thinking of using it instead of Google, but will I be able too, that's the question.

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I see that no one has yet answer your week old question. Sorry about this but could you explain your goal, I am a little confused on what your ultimate goal really is. Maybe it has to do with not being an Evernote user. I once had it installed on my system but I use Apple Notes. In any event, please explain your goal and I will see how I can help you out.


Hey Alex, thanks for your interest. 

I was just wondering with the new "sign in with apple" being supposedly better for privacy purposes, if you could transfer your accounts using "sign in with google" to a "sign in with apple". I was giving the exemple of Evernote because it's one service where I used sign in with google rather than create a new user with password with them. The service has no importance per say, just the fact that I used sign in with google to activate that account. I don't think it will be possible to transfer those accounts but maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe it doesn't matter anyway since google has already all the info they want about me;-)

I'll probably use "sign in with apple" for new services or website that use it instead of sign in with google. 

And it's not your fault if nobody knows, or if I'm not clear enough in my message:-)


It appears to be another sign-in method but the app or site will have to support it. I can only find info on but there is this nice write up.

From what I can tell, you will have to wait for this service to be adopted by the various services and apps that are out there.

If it matters, I don't use Facebook but I do use Twitter and when I see a sign in with anyone I just don't bother, if I plan to use the site I will create a password and store it in my keychain or as a LastPass entry but that's just me. Apple's new sign in process appears to be another convenient method of signing in to participating sites and apps and I am glad a company with traditionally strong values on privacy has entered the fold. I wonder if they can knock some wind out of Facebook, would be nice. People give up too much with any Facebook sign-in process which invariably means you are tracked the moment you are signed in to any facebook property so, buyer beware but glad to see Apple enter this market.