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Wrong timestamp in Get Info window for many photos


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My Photos app on my Mac is showing the wrong time for many, but not all, of my photos. At first, I thought there might be a metadata error or something similar. All the photos on my phone have the correct time. In my troubleshooting, I even tried deleting a burst that I had previously downloaded from my phone to my Mac that was showing the wrong time. The time is correct on the burst on my phone but when I downloaded it today, the time on the copy in Photos on my Mac showed up wrong.

Everything that's incorrect seems to be off by ten hours.

Now here's the really weird part. If I pull up the window to change the time, it shows the correct timestamp!

Is this a bug in Photos? Has anyone else seen this? I'm perplexed!



PS: It could be that it's only my bursts that are off.