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Communal Head Scratching to Help Solve Your Problems – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 758

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Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

  • 0000 Mac Geek Gab 758 for Monday, April 22, 2019
  • 0020 Chris-757-How about a password manager?
  • 0011 Please leave us reviews!
  • 0057 Douglas-Migrating Mail
  • 0033 Douglas-Migrating 1Password from Dropbox to iCloud
  • 0043 Mike-Wemo Plugs Didn't like Wi-Fi Extender
  • 0036 SPONSOR: Other World Computing at – OWC’s new Aura Pro X2 NVME Flash SSD adds speed and up to 2TB to your older Mac. Your Mac, your keyboard, your ports, just more space and speed!
  • 0042 Jeff-What's my HomeKit Home Hub?
  • 0041 Migrating from Wink to SmartThings
  • 0011 The Two Purposes of Smart Home Hubs
  • 0053 Chris-CSF-757-SmartRules
  • 0021 Andrew-GC-Smart Water Sensor and Alarm?
  • 0025 SPONSOR: Malwarebytes for Mac – Malwarebytes detects and removes viruses, ransomware, and other malware so you are protected and your machine keeps running silky smooth.
  • 0021 JP-Wi-Fi Speed Tests are Different from My Router
  • 0053 Carsten-Suggestions for Wiring New Home
  • 0126 Matt-757-Dropbox Solution with Private Cloud
  • 0114 Dan-757-Sync Dropbox with Something Else
  • 0110 Synology Drive 2.0 for iOS gets Native
  • 0103 This Week’s MGG Premium Supporters:
    • Jeff from Connecticut, Barry from Overhead, Bob from Working Smarter for Mac Users, Ryan from Plano, Neal from Connecticut, Scott from Portland, Chris from Hertforshire, James from San Antonio, Joe from Kansas, Abdullah from Maryland, Ari from Oakland, Dave from Saugerties, Michael from Kansas, Bob from Québec, Frank from Tonbridge, Tim from Tennessee, John from Pennsylvania, Santiago from Florida, John from North Carolina, Clyde from Virginia, Tony from Massachusetts, Ken from Honolulu, Kurt from Illinois, Louis from California, Bob from Massachusetts, James from California, Robin from Hampshire, Rob from New South Wales, Colby from Colorado, Barb from South Carolina, Mark from California, Donald from Massachusetts, George from Massachusetts, Andy from New Hampshire, Ed from California, Willie from Mississippi, Jedd from New Jersey, Scott from Georgia, Steve from New Mexico, Laura from Washington, Scott from Arkansas, Andrew from California, Wayne from Sacramento.
  • 0117 Mark-Network Time Machine Regularly Corrupts Backups
    • John backs up his Time Machine backups on his Synology to another Synology, if corrupt, restore from last good backup
  • 0110 Phil-Time Machine Reporting Large Backup Set
  • 0158 Aaron-No T2 chips in 2019 iMacs
  • 0109 Carsten-T2 and FileVault and Backups
  • 0123 MGG 758 Outtro
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More confusion in the home Automation world, for those who relied on Works With Nest:

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I have to say, I'm loving the tip to use Synology Drive to sync DropBox,, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc!