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Taming System Preferences, Podcasts, Email, and More – Mac Geek Gab 803

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  • 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 803 for Monday, February 24, 2020
  • 00:01:37 Scott-QT-Tap Options in iOS Safari Share Sheet for PDF, More
  • 00:03:45 Patrick-QT-Use Command to Double-File in Apple Mail
  • 00:05:02 Todd-QT-801-Right-Click System Preferences Dock Icon for Alphabetical Listing
  • 00:06:00 Lewis-801-Filter your System Preferences Down
    • View > Customize
  • 00:07:13 Right click on Safari to create New/Private Window
  • 00:08:39 SPONSOR: Zapier – Zapier is the easiest way to automate your work. It connects all your business software and handles work for you, so you can focus on the things that matter most. Try free for 14-days at
  • 00:11:09 SPONSOR: Linode – You can build it on Linode. Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. Start with a $20 credit at
  • 00:13:14 David-Apple's Podcasts App Unsubscribed me from MGG
  • 00:18:36 Joe BP-iPhone Won't Delete IMAP Email
    • Settings > Passwords & Accounts > [Account] > [Account] > Advanced Settings to see where deleted stuff goes
  • 00:22:58 Potential Future Implications of Apple joining FIDO Alliance
  • 00:36:37 This Week’s MGG Premium Contributors:
    • Tony from San Francisco, Frederick from Nashville, Robert from Columbiana, Joseph from Marietta, James from Melville, Jeff from Chesterton, Clive from Burgess Hill, Scott from Boubonnais, David from Mt. Prospect, Barry from Hopefully at Home with His Family, Michael from Robins, Ken from Honolulu, Frank from Tonbridge, John from Wake Forest, Santiago from Palm City, John from Sinking Spring, Jim from San Jose, Dave from Saugerties, Jeffrey from West Haven, Timmothy from Hendersonville, Bob from La Peche, Tim from Des Moines, Philip from Tucson, Chris from Chorleywood, Michael from Mission Hills, Ari from Kensington, Joe from El Dorado, Jay from Long Valley, James from San Antonio, Bob from Working Smarter for Mac Users, Peter from Auburn, Abdullah from Reisterstown, Scott from Portland, Neal from West Hartford, Nick from Mount Clemens, Mark from Milford, Paul from Fishers, Ward from Mesa, Lou Ann from Albuquerque, Jason from Charlestown, Jeffrey from Alamorgordo, Richard from Sands Point, Karin from Chagrin Falls, Robert from Pontesbury, Joe from Kingsley, Khürt from Princeton, Warren from Thomspon’s Station, Terence from Avon Lake, Brett H., Antonio B., Barry from Delray Beach, Peter from Bayside, Richard from Melbourne, Thomas from Shoreview, Chuck from Boulder, Russell from Marblehead, Stacey from Pine Valley, Richard from Brooklyn, Anders from Vasteras, Phil from Santa Fe, Kenneth from New Lambton, John from Ypsilanti, Larry from Irvine, Deborah from Houston, Paul from Danville, Lyndon from Sevenoaks, Michael from Wake Forest, Charles from Kobe, Gary from McKees Rocks, Thomas from Chicago, Keith from Kirby Cross, Chuck from Mechanicsburg, James from Charlotte, Dmitry from Moscow, Thomas from Sacramento, David from Farmington Hills, Michael from Milwaukee, Harry from Durham, Kevin S., Richard from Daniel Island, Eliot from Brookline, Jeff from North Bellmore, Margaret from Waukegan, Paulo from Manteca, Peter from Sudbury, Joshua O., Louis-Michel from St-Laurent, James from Port Alberni, Peter from Rochester, David from Seabrook, Scott from Calabasas, Mark from Panama City, Drew from San Diego
  • 00:41:32 Matt-CSF-801-Bill Organizer by Money Master
  • 00:43:35 CSF-AUSounds AU-Flex ANC Wireless Neckband Earphones
  • 00:45:16 CSF-SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Flash Drive
  • 00:48:06 Mitch-800-For mounting drives, remember Mountain
  • 00:49:05 CSF-Solo Grand Travel TSA Backpack
  • 00:51:38 CSF-Doogee S68 Pro ($219) and S40 ($109.99)
  • 00:55:38 SPONSOR: Other World Computing. With dual-bays and seven essential ports, the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dock is the drive-dock solution you need to organize your digital life.  Perfect for growing media collections, you have room to back up your notebook and connect all your devices to a single location.
  • 00:58:22 Zach-801-DevonThink Pro for managing PDFs
  • 00:59:36 Matt-801-Use DEVONthink for managing PDFs
  • 01:00:19 Adam-801-Manage PDFs with Devonthink and Keep It
  • 01:00:57 Patrick-801-Calibre to Manage PDFs
  • 01:01:26 Dave-801-Yep from Ironic Software to Manage PDFs
  • 01:03:42 John-802-Use the Apple TV app to manage shows
  • 01:05:46 Lauren-802-TV Time for iOS and Web to Track Shows
  • 01:06:34 Brian-802-WatchAid TV Planner for iOS and tvOS
  • 01:06:55 Curtis-802-Next Episode
  • 01:07:28 Felipe-802-Reelgood Streaming Guide
  • 01:07:40 John DF-802-TV Show Tracker iOS App
  • 01:10:06 Check your cell phone plans
  • 01:13:12 Steve-Mute iPhone upon Do Not Disturb
  • 01:13:41 Andrew-Add iCloud Drive to your Dock
  • 01:14:06 MGG 803 Outtro