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Dave Mark Joins for WWDC21 Day 1 Reactions — Mac Geek Gab 875

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Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

  • 0000 Mac Geek Gab 875 for Monday, June 7, 2021
  • 0032 Dave Mark – Taught 3 different generations how to program.
    • 30 Books, including the Macintosh Programming Primer.
    • Executive Editor of The Loop.
  • 0006 Quick, hot-takes (introduction of keynote, lighter stuff)
    • Safari Redesign, OCR, Universal Control
  • 0011 Lots of Sherlocking: AirPlay to the Mac
  • 0013 No hardware
  • 0025 macOS Monterey
    • Shortcuts
    • Safari Tabs/Groups/UI
    • AirPlay to Mac
    • Low Power Mode
  • 0048 Privacy
  • 0012 Notification Center
    • Four Interruption Levels: Passive, Active, Time Sensitive, Critical
    • “Mute a single conversation, for a limited amount of time"
  • 0000 Craig Federighi is the rock star
  • 0049 SharePlay
  • 0004 Do the new FaceTime features Sherlock Zoom?
  • 0059 Developer Tools
    • Xcode Cloud
    • Swift Concurrency
    • Swift Playgrounds can Build iOS/iPadOS Apps
  • 0022 AirPods Enhancements
  • 0034 LiveText
  • 0034 The Universality of so many features
  • 0137 On Device Siri
  • 0108 MGG 875
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Dave Mark's audio is so very faint compared to John and Dave, that I had to turn up the volume so much, that when Dave or John spoke it nearly blew out of my seat.

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You're totally right! And I woke up this morning and realized I had a way to fix this, though it meant uploading a new video (which is embedded in this article, just like the old one is).