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#808 - you wonderful Geek Gabbers!  


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April 7, 2020 10:26 EDT PM  

I am a college professor who has been struggling with a key hijacking issue for an embarrassing number of months. I have not been able to type capital "Y."  The letter simply does not come up, so I have had all too many emails and posts going to students starting with "Ou need to use the statute in analyzing the case...."  Worse still, I have students named Yasmine and Yuka whose responses start with "asmine" and "uka." I temporarily fixed this with TextExpander so that typing ";y" gave me Y, but there was still a lot of proofreading and backtracking. I tried to use Y in a number of applications to see if I could find one that triggered with it, but no joy.

I was pretty sure that either TextExpander itself or Keyboard Maestro were the culprits, so first I opened all their shortcuts and scanned them, but neither used the capital Y.  Then I created two separate accounts, one with just TE and the other with just KM, and the Y problem did not occur in either. Maybe some kind of interaction between the two? I was stumped and was working on an email to your forum when I was listening all the way to the end of MGG #808 when Dave casually recommended ShortcutDetective. That sounded perfect! I downloaded and ran it and found that the keystroke thief was Snagit 2020! It had assigned the capital Y to YouTube.  Problem freaking solved! I am SO GRATEFUL. I have become a premium subscriber out of sheer gratitude and I also made a donation to Irradiated Labs, which makes ShortcutDetective.  This overworked professor now has one less thing to worry about in a semester that has been a sea of troubles. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.