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[Solved] AirPod Replacement

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I have share this with the MGG community. I’d been having trouble with my left AirPod sounding muffled with a decreased output ever since the iOS 12.0 release so, on Thursday, I finally decided to contact Apple Support. The Apple CSR asked me a few basic questions and, before I knew it, she told me I needed a replacement. So she arranged the replacement order and it arrived yesterday. I packed up the old AirPod and got it shipped back to Apple within minutes of the replacement’s arrival. Although I do suspect it was something to do with the iOS update, the new AirPod is working as advertised for now. What I thought was noteworthy about the situation is she never once asked me to unpair/repair the AirPods and the conversation lasted under 6 minutes. I was wondering if maybe this is a known issue or what? Anyway, as with every other time I’ve had an issue with an Apple product Apple has satisfactorily resolved my problem. (The #1 reason I stick with Apple!) I’m hoping that the new AirPods stays golden and I have no more issues with them.