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AppleCare+ Less than 2 Years ??

Mike Price
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I assume there are one or two folks on this forum who purchased a new phone recently  🤣 

In the past when getting the new hotness, I obtained a damage protection plan from a 3rd party (SquareTrade) . However, their current pricing model has changed and it is no longer the deal it used to be (for me anyway), so I opted to add AppleCare+ (non-theft variant) to my preorder placed on the 14th.  Yesterday, I received my confirmation of coverage email which indicated coverage through Sept 16, 2020. I realize that the normal AppleCare policy is to apply the coverage start to the date the item was purchased. But since the phone was (1) PRE-ordered one week before the device was for sale and (2) shipping from China, dating the coverage start from the order placement seemed wrong. 

I am just wondering for those of you who may have purchased AppleCare at the time of a preorder (especially a new iPhone), is this typical to short the customer by a few days of coverage? 

I ended up spending way too much time on hold (over 5 transfers) with apple but was able to get them to move the coverage termination to Sept 22, 2020...I was only looking to get to Sept 20, 2020. Once I got to the Apple Care Admin (apparently there is only one....or very few), there were no problems/hesitations in moving the date. However, as with most 1st level customer support, you need to just keep getting escalated as they are not able to make the desired change.

My favorite parts were when one of the support techs were trying to convince me that Apple was giving me two extra days of coverage since the (pre)order was made on the 14th and the coverage expired on the 16th and that my device was covered during shipment, which I found baffling. She didn't quite know how to respond when I asked her if she was telling me that Apple was shipping out $1000+ devices without insurance via the shipper (UPS) and instead relying upon my coverage plan and its limited number of incidents to cover shipment as my actual use of the device.

If you are in a similar position, you can start by calling 800-275-2273 and enjoy being on hold 🙂

Dave Hamilton
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Wow. Thanks for sharing this, @pricemi115. Crazy on all levels, and thanks for sharing the path to get it resolved!