Changing Calendar Alert Sounds (Mojave)  


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17/03/2019 12:01 am  

Hi guys,

I love Mac Geek Gab and listen to all your episodes.

Here's a question:

How do I change the default Calendar / Reminders sound on Mojave? In past OS versions, you merely had to replace 'Basso.aiff' with your customized audio file. However, this doesn't work on Mojave. Even after using 'csrutil disable' from recovery mode. It appears that the audio file used isn't even one of the default sounds in /System/Library/Sounds

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Keep up the great work with the podcast!

Graham McKay
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21/03/2019 7:10 am  

Hmm, when I use Activity Monitor to see what files the Calendar app has open I can't see any audio file listed explicitly - even though I can see font files. So I wonder if the audio is now buried within the app itself?