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Chrome Browser Problem with Facebook Messenger

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I use facebook messenger to have video chats with none other than mac guru Brian Monroe.  Safari doesn't work with this service, so I've been using Chrome instead, and it worked fine.  Until this morning.  Suddenly, I get a message saying that the app can't access my microphone and camera.  The suggestion is to add Chrome to the list of apps allowed full disk access.  I know this isn't cool, but I allowed it anyway as a test and it didn't matter, so I took it back off the list of allowed apps.  

I then checked the Microphone and Camera settings in Chrome's preferences.  Both were allowed, but with the "ask first" caveat --- the only choice available.  

The last thing I tried was using Skype, and I had no issues with the Mic or Camera.  Ditto facetime.

Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, were you able to fix it?


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