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Cool Stuff Created??

Mike Price
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Thought this was worth sharing here, especially since it was inspired in part by @davehamilton.

Background - the problem to be solved. For quite some time now, I have been tracking down network performance issues. As part of this effort and inspired by @davehamilton's trademarked 3 Ping Strategy™ for isolating  network bottlenecks and issues, I created a homebridge plugin that will periodically ping targets and report the results. The plugin makes use (misuse) of the Carbon Dioxide Sensor service. Each target has 3 CO2 sensors: ping time (average), ping time standard deviation, and packet loss. When these values drift outside of user specified bounds, the sensor will be set to detect CO2, which raises a Homekit alert. Each target also comes with an off switch, so if things get too crazy with the alerts, you can turn them off before your family decides to revolt with your nerdy playing which results in constant alerts going to their devices…….not that this happened during the development process  Maybe I need another HomeKit home just for my nerdy playing .
It is still a little early for the plugin - still in beta and just released to npm, lacking updated documentation, but should be usable for those who want to play.
The plugin is best used when running Homebridge with homebridge-config-ui-x

Dave Hamilton
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Ooh! VERY cool, Mike. Thanks for creating and sharing this, my friend! We'll share on the show for sure. 🙂