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CSF: My Contacts App  


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January 10, 2019 1:23 EST PM  

I have a client who had about 4,000 contacts on her phone connected to a company account. She had been with the company for a decade or more and had been unknowingly adding all personal contacts to this account, as well all of the business relationships she had cultivated over the years. After leaving the company, though, her access to that account was severed, causing her phone to continually prompt her to re-enter the password to that account whenever she opened her Contacts app. The contacts were still viewable on her phone though, so the goal was to migrate them to iCloud so she could remove that company account from her phone. I tried iMazing and AnyTrans, however neither service was able to see the contacts connected to this account -- only contacts that were local "on my iPhone" contacts. (I also learned something helpful along the way -- iCloud contacts could not be viewed by either service, and thus no contacts would be visible until AnyTrans asked me to turn off Contacts in iCloud, choosing to keep them locally on the phone. Doing this allowed those contacts to be visible in both AnyTrans and iMazing). After digging around some I discovered My Contacts App by Telenor Capture AS. After downloading this free app onto the iPhone, it asks you to sign up for an account (and checking the privacy policy, it seems like they are legit), then uploads all contacts on the phone to their website. When I logged in to the site I discovered that about 80% of the 4,000 contacts had been uploaded (for some reason it didn't grab the addresses that were emails only without a name. For those contacts you'll need to add a name to the contact and run the app again, and it will slurp them in to the database), at which point I exported as a vCard and imported to Contacts on the Mac. Boom. Transfer to iCloud successful. Problem solved.