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Desktop backgrounds won't change

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I continue to try to change the backgrounds of my Big Sur M1 Macbook Pro's desktop to my liking, with no success. 

I have 9 different desktops. On each one in previous macOS solutions, I have been able to right-click on a desktop, which gives me the choice to "Change Desktop Background". I choose a photo album from photos and can even choose a picture within that album to be the background. Now here's the issue. On most of those desktops as soon as I select "Change Picture" "Every minute" and choose "Random"(and sometimes I don't even have to choose random), the desktop background reverts to Apple's Big Sur background. The weird thing about this, is that on occasion, for some desktops, it works and I get random pictures from my chosen photo album as backgrounds. 


How do I make this work for all my desktops? 

Note when I attach a second monitor to the Mac, that background screen always works as I chose.

Is this a Big Sur issue? an M1 Mac issue? Or something I'm doing wrong?  My previous Mac was a mid-2012 Macbook Pro running Mojave.

I've asked this question before, but have had no workable solutions.


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Why? You just go to property and change your Desktop Background