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Efficient workflow

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Any help would be much appreciated- I don't think my workflow generally isn't very efficient and curious about other peoples methods. My main example at the moment is as follows-

I create a electrical certificate on a website I use and download it as a pdf. The aim is to make a folder in my Synology, give that folder a name and drop the pdf into that folder.

At the moment I- Download the pdf into downloads, open finder, navigate to downloads, right click finder icon and choose "new finder window", navigate that window to my Synology drive, create a new folder, rename it, position both finder windows next to each other and drag the pdf between the 2 windows.

Is there a better way?

Ben Rosenthal
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Does this website allow you to choose the download destination? If so, you could download directly to the Synology Drive folder of your choice.

Or, if the documents are named consistently or, better, if you download them to a specific folder instead of Downloads, you could probably create a simple Folder Actions script in Automator that does the moving you describe.