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Flagging Messages for Later

Mike Price
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@davehamilton - I heard you mention  on both MGG and TDO that you are looking forward to being able to pin messages with the new operating systems as a way to track messages that need follow up in order to prevent them from falling off your radar b/c the message ends up being marked as read. I think however, you have had the feature you need for a long time (an OS version or 3?).....our beloved friend Ms. Siri can help.

When you get a message that needs follow up and the message is open (and now marked as read) on your phone, just say "Hey Lady - remind me about this". You should get a reminder added to Reminders that will contain the content of the most recent message AND will link back to the message thread. And, since it is a can even set a priority as well as flagging it....

Maybe this can be included in the next segment of "CSF - Cool Stuff we Forgot about" ?? 😉

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