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Gigabit Speeds

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Hi guys, I have a question . I have for past 2 years been subscribed to a regional ISP gigabit service. I have not had any issues and any time I would do a speed test I would be getting in the neighborhood of 800+ Mbps. I was completely happy. Then some changes came. With the same equipment (6th Gen Apple Time Capsule) I started to get around 200+ Mbps hardwired via CAT 6. This led my to believe that possibly my TC was failing. I replaced it with a Synology 2600AC. I was getting the same speeds. I return the 2600AC and purchased 2, second gen Eero routers. Still getting the same speed with the occasional spike into the 800+ Mbps range maybe once a week. I contacted my IPS who tried to blame my equipment for the slow speeds. 5 different techs came out on 3 different occasions and every time they said it was “fixed” but my speeds did not increase. Finally the last tech explained to me that some time ago I was put on a 16 port switch and it was impossible to get constant 800 Mbps now. The issues isn’t my router or the cables or the wiring in the house. Now my ISP is giving me grief trying to switch to a lower plan. Am I being unreasonable? My rationale is if I am only getting 25-35% of the speed I am paying for, I should be on a lower speed plan. 

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No, you’re not being unreasonable, @iceman-21! That’s a perfectly reasonable request.
It would also be a reasonable request to ask them to credit you for the difference between the 800Mbps plan and the 200Mbps plan retroactively back to the day they made the change that slowed you down.