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Gmail with Apple Clients...

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I don't post here often but thought I'd share some discoveries I've made over the last several weeks.

IOS Mail with a Gmail account - I discovered that IOS Mail seems to archive rather than delete messages.   I realize that, in the GMail scheme of things, that is more a label change but I found I was getting a rather large "Archive" folder.   Not sure why this is happening.

IOS Mail with a Gmail account - Unlike the IOS Mail, this appears to actually move things to delete rather than Archive.

IOS Mail "junking" Gmail spam - I found I was finding more and more spam on my GMail account that wasn't being caught by GMail's algorithm.   I'd tried "unsubscribe" and it would seem to reappear. While I do have several senders that I don't count as spam but don't really look at, this was displayed in the Mac Mail client as funky addresses and, when I'd unsubscribe, junk or create a rule, the addresses seemed to change.

My workaround on this was to leave these in the mailbox and go to the web GMail Web Client, select these messages and "Report and Unsubscribe", then empty the junk folder in either Mac or GMail's client.

After doing this, I noticed a dramatic reduction of those annoyances.

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Hi Joel,


Nice addition to Gmail experience. Like the details you share especially about the junk mail.