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Hug It Out Guys  


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February 28, 2019 9:50 EST PM  

Dave and John,

You guys need to hug it out after 750.  Dave I wished you could have let John finish.  It appeared to me the John was getting to a point and you hijacked his thought.  It very well could have been he was way off base (which he probably was), but let him finish.  We listeners like the conversation.  In this case I am sure many of us have thought that we could pull a RAID drive out and read the data.  We probably tried and likely failed.  Anyway hope you guys are doing okay.  😉

Dave Hamilton
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March 4, 2019 12:59 EST PM  

Haha, yes, @johnfbraun and I hugged it out!

And you're right, I did cut him off. I generally try not to do that (but don't always succeed... sadly, I am an imperfect human!).

In this instance, I prioritized our Prime Directive of "don't dangerously misinform the listeners" ... I got worried that someone down the road who listened would think their data was salvageable from a single drive of their SHR-based DiskStation, and so didn't even want that thought out there. 

I do grok that the conversation is the value here in many cases, and that's (part of) why I strive to let the thoughts finish regardless. In this case, I didn't.... It was at the end of the episode, I expected it to be a 90 second "quick answer" before we rolled the outro music and so perhaps my impatience was fueled by that, as well. 

TL;DR: Thanks @thejtray. Point taken!