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November 30, 2018 8:46 EDT AM  

Hi Guys, long, long, looooooong time listener here from the UK!  Here's the scenario:

1. Setup: Late 2013 MBP running Mojave (latest 10.14.1 as of todays date). iPhone XR, latest iOS (12.1 as of todays date).  Both on same wifi network & signed in on same apple ID.

2.Problem: No matter what I tried I could not make or receive calls using my mac, followed the guides online, still nothing.  I discovered that the "Calls on other devices" option in ipHone>settings>phone was missing.  Googled around, no joy.  Had a web chat with support.  Tried all the usual stuff, nothing.  Stumped.

3.Solution: I ended up typing the exact wording that the iPhone prompt says when the option becomes available but will still not work into google and found that there is a single, tiny teeny setting in Facetime settings that needs to be on.  iPhone>settings>facetime and tap "Use Apple ID for FaceTime".  That's it!  An hour of searching.  Tapped that toggle and all fell into place.

I thought I'd post this as it was driving me insane and it might help someone else!  Hope it appears in the show!  Thanks all!

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