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I'm in Love with a Clipboard Manager!  


Allison Sheridan
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September 7, 2019 8:36 EDT PM  

@DaveHamilton is going to love this.  Thanks to MGG (and NosillaCast) listener @LarryLusch who turned me onto Copy’em Paste!

Copy’em Paste – I'm in Love with a Clipboard Manager

Dave Hamilton
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September 8, 2019 8:16 EDT AM  


It is interesting timing, because this comes on the heels of doing Ep 777 where I built a segment about setting up a computer for someone and not imposing my preferences on them (and watching how difficult it was for @johnfbraun and Pilot Pete to wrap their heads around it*)

And then here I am all happy that you’ve finally found your killer app for using a clipboard manager.

But I guess that’s the trick, isn’t it? (and one of the five things I get to learn this week!): the only thing I could successfully impose upon you was the idea that I love using a clipboard manager. It took your desire to investigate for yourself and find the right way for you to use one, and now it’s part of your arsenal.

Talk about Cool Stuff Found! This is awesome, and thanks for sharing this here, @podfeet!


*I don’t blame John and Pilot Pete here. It’s really hard to develop the skill and perspective of being able to separate the “self” from the equation when consulting/advising, and I basically put them both on-the-spot to do it without remembering how much effort I put into sharpening that skill over the years (and I still fail at it all the time!).

“Seeing things from the customer's perspective” was, by far, the thing we struggled with most when employing “nerds” at ComputerNERDZ! back in those days.

Tech skills were easy to find and encourage nerds to develop, but that idea of “advise, then shut up and listen... and then do whatever the customer just asked you to do, regardless of whether they chose to follow your advice” is perhaps the subject of an upcoming MGG segment!