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iOS so called security

Tony G
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so, here’s a good one. Clearing down iPhone as it’s been replaced. Sign out of iCloud, it offers what you can choose to retain on phone. Said ‘no’ to everything. Checked after it’s done it’s stuff and indeed Contacts, Bookmarks, iCloud email all gone. However all Passwords (along with their webs etc, as accessed from Settings/Passwords & Accounts) remain as do Credit Cards (accessed via Settings/Safari. After hard restart they persist. How cr*p is that? Which bit of “let’s whack iCloud Keychain” is so hard for it to do? Yes, I know Reset whacks them however it’s a bit naff don’t you think?

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Graham McKay
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Was there any prompt mentioning deletion or retention of keychain data?

While it is certainly inconsistent as to which “iCloud data” will be offered for deletion, I don’t know that there is any claim that by signing out you will remove all synced data? Certainly given that signing out then back in is a troubleshooting method, you probably wouldn’t want iCloud photos deleted - for instance.