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iPhone 13 may have 1TB of internal storage

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The Apple may expand the maximum internal storage for the next generation of brand smartphones. According to an analysis report by the consulting firm Wedbush, the iPhone 13 line would be the first to feature a version with 1 TB of space.

According to the document, the company is still excited about the performance during the covid-19 pandemic year and intends to maintain the high level of sales during 2021, especially with the distribution of vaccines around the world.

Currently, the maximum capacity the company offers is 512 GB. There are only a handful of more powerful variations of the latest iPad Pro models that offer a top option of 1 TB of storage for full users to enjoy downloading music on spotify premium apk


The iPhone 13 family is expected to be announced in September, as is the company's tradition. Recent rumors indicate that the device will have the Touch ID embedded in the screen , which will set aside the notch, in addition to having a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz . Some images of the supposed design of the device have also been leaked .