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iPhone Repair(s) Experience  


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December 19, 2018 5:11 EST PM  

After the battery revelation related to iPhones coupled with previously abandoning the Apple iPhone upgrade program and increased iPhone prices, we as a family decided that after two years we would have the batteries replaced in our phones as a way to extend the cycle between new phones.

I made appointments this to have our batteries reviewed, with the goal of having them replaced.  After doing some research I learned that if you ask for the battery to be replaced Apple will do it, no questions asked. 

One of the appointments I actually was mailing the iPhone into Apple and then replace the battery.  This was done via the Apple Support App.  Setting up the repair via that app took about 30 minutes.  They ran a few tests.  Ultimately it was decided that due to the battery issue, which consisted of it performing at 79% of peak performance on an iPhone SE, Apple would send out a replacement.   This phone had AppleCare+.

It took two days for the box to send the iPhone, with the proper instructions for sending the phone off.  I received the box on a Friday, dropped it off at FedEx on Saturday and after five business days the replacement arrived on Monday.  The box used in shipping also included a SIM card removal tool.  After restoring from an iCloud backup it was like the iPhone was never replaced. 

The next appointment was made at the closest Apple store, which was south of our Idaho home in Salt Lake City.  After two hours of driving and two hours visiting with friends we arrived at the Apple Store.  It was decided the iPhone 7 my wife is using would be replaced based on poor battery, running at 81% of peak performance as well as dropping and not receiving calls.  This phone also had AppleCare+.  In both instances I was more than prepared to pay the $29 fee to have the battery replaced. 

The third appointment was made at the same Apple Store.  This iPhone 6s Plus was past its AppleCare+ warranty.  It was loaner phone from my Sister in Law. It was being used on a temporary basis by my daughter as she waited for her replacement iPhone SE.   

In this case the Genius said the battery would be replaced and it would take two hours to complete the process.  He did warn that if the phone would not turn back on after the process Apple would replace the phone for the $29.  A back of iCloud was made and we were asked to turn off Find My iPhone.  They then took the phone off for repair. 

A fourth appointment was made at the same Apple Store, but this was for my iPhone X.  It was having dropped calls, battery issues and the touch screen was not functioning as it should.  It was decided that the first thing to do would be to replace the screen.  I agreed as this is usually the case with AppleCare.  Troubleshoot the issue with one step at a time. 

Because I had worked with an AppleCare rep over the phone and restored my iPhone and set up as new, I was already a step into the process.  The same process was completed as with the iPhone 6s Plus.  Both of the phones went to the back for repair with a two hour estimate of repair. 

Like any family we decided leave the store and kill time by roaming the mall.  Of course not having a phone for an extended period of time while the girl’s shopped was difficult, but I was able to be a full participant in my favorite past time of people watching. 

After about 90 minutes we headed back to the Apple Store and to my surprise both phones were repaired and ready to be returned.   Oddly, while in line to discover the progress of the repairs a gentleman in front of me was told that the store was out of iPhone 6s batteries and that the past month had been extremely busy for battery replacements. 

Overall, the experience in all four cases was as expected, which in my past four years of experience has not been the case.  We now have three iPhone's that should last for the next two years and my iPhone X has been behaving as it relates to the screen. 

I was able to complete the process over the Apple Support app and at the Store.  Both processes were easy.  A lot of my great experience can be credited to Dave for his advice he has provided on MGG to complete the process I was attempting.  Best of all I didn’t get caught.  🙂 

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December 21, 2018 3:06 EST PM  

NICE, @thejtray. This is great to hear. I worried that you might have a tale of woe to share, but instead this went perfectly. So good. And you were so well-prepared. W00t!

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December 21, 2018 7:43 EST PM  

Dave, you know my luck has not been great for about 10 years.  Last weekend was quite the shock.  So I had to give Apple Credit.  

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March 31, 2019 10:40 EDT AM  

I tried DIY method of changing my battery in iPhone 6. Ended up crackingthe screen. So I got the screen replaced but the brightness would never go above about 30% without dropping back down to completely dim. Turns out I also damaged a connector. Ended up getting a new phone and use the old one as my bedside phone. Works out okay since the old one has a headphone jack.

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August 23, 2020 7:10 EDT PM  

Hey. I decided to tell you what happened to me. I decided to surprise my husband with harness lingerie. I didn't think for a long time and decided that I would buy harness lingerie on I come to my husband's room, and he drops my brand new iPhone on the floor out of surprise. The iPhone crashes, my husband is in a panic, so am I. Frankly speaking, I expected a completely different effect and now I don't know what to do. Guys, I'm waiting for your advice.