Mac sharing issues  


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March 21, 2020 11:14 EDT PM  

Hi all,

I have two Macs, a Mac mini 2018 and a Mac Pro 2010 that are connected over wifi to an ASUS RT3200AC. 

When I try to connect them together for file or screen sharing, they can’t connect to each other. It is like if Bonjour is blocked somehow. I tried to ping the other Mac from either one, and no answer there either. If I issue the ping from the router web interface to each Macs, they answer correctly. Both computers can browse the internet without any issues.

I’ve looked into firewall and other setting on each Macs and my router, but could not find anything wrong, or I missed something. 

Anyone can suggest something to me I may have missed? I even reset the router to it’s default and and reconfigured it from scratch without going crazy on the configuration, so I suppose my router should not block anything, but I’m really out of ideas...


Thank you

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