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MGG#794: HiRise PRO  


Mike Price
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December 26, 2019 10:20 EST AM  

@DaveHamilton, in #794 you mentioned the pros&const of using the Mac mini with the TwelveSouth HighRise Pro. Great way to store the device, but can have heat concerns. Like Lisa, I too have my 2018 i7 Mac mini in a HighRise Pro,,,,and to make it more challenging, I have an OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini (fitted with 2 SSD's) directly on top of the Mac mini. While the Mac mini can get very warm, I have never had any issued with it. However....the heat can make its way to the OWC enclosure, which has no form of active cooling and overheat the SSDs. 

I found that using iStatMenus to monitor the temperatures helpful. However, what was more helpful was using iStat Menus to make custom fan rules. Using the fans in the Mac mini, I can easily keep the temperature of the case down & thereby limiting the heat sent to the external SSDs. And the fan rules make it so that the fans are not going full tilt to keep the temp in check 🙂

Dave Hamilton
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December 26, 2019 12:57 EST PM  

Ahh very smart, @pricemi115! That sounds great. We'll definitely share this on the show.