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My new M1 MacBook Pro! A few questions...

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I got my new M1 yesterday. It was a nightmare and a very long process to set it up which I won't go into now but it involved 2 calls to Apple and about 4 hours to get on the right track (and overnight to finish Migration Assistant)...

My questions are-this morning when I came downstairs Migration Assistant had finished running but it said that some files couldn't be transferred over... How do I figure out what those files are? 

Second question-Why does TouchID work so well on this Mac but it doesn't work at all on my iPad Air 3? I have reset my TouchID numerous times on my iPad but it still doesn't work. 

And finally I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new M1 MBP!!! I went from a 2014 MBP to this and I'm loving it! 

Merry Christmas to all and stay safe...

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Thanks for the awesome information.