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Network Setup Question

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Background:  My ISP is a DSL provider.  They don't exactly offer a simple solution for Bridging the Modem/Gateway.  It can be done, but I miss out on Firmware updates, which I think are still critical even though I am using the Router to manage my network.  

This weekend I took my DSL Modem/Gateway out of Transparent Bridge Mode and set my Orbi RBR50 Mesh to Access Point Mode or AP Mode.  

In my home I have CAT 5e cable running throughout and can connect the two satellites vie ethernet, but currently I have not. 

Additionally I have a TP Link 8 port switch.  As I write this I failed to grab the Brand and Model before leaving for business.  

The current set up is Modem/Gateway doing the routing, Orbi connected to Modem/Gateway, with the Switch connected to the Gateway.  Two satellites as mention are not connected via ethernet.  

My question is this.  Would I be wrong to connect the switch to the Modem/Gateway and then connect the primary Orbi to an ethernet spot in my home and connect the other two satellites to the primary Orbi wirelessly.  I would connect the satellites via ethernet, but I did not run multiple leads of ethernet, thus there primary Orbi would only one ethernet cable running to the Switch in this example.  


Should I connect the two satellites to ethernet managed by switch connected to the primary Orbi.  


Just leave it as is and move about my daily routine.  

Thanks for any advice.