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New Life for a Dead MacBook

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Mac Geek Gab is all about fixing and repairing problems with Apple products, but sometimes a Mac is longer be repairable.  My tip is how to continue to enjoy your MacBook even after it dies.  This tip only applies to MacBooks that have the glowing Apple logo on the back of the lid.  Many of these are going to be gradually “phased out” in the coming years.



My wife’s 2013 MacBook Air finally gave up the ghost so I decided to create something cool and practical from it.  I removed the keyboard, CPU, screen, etc. and was left with a hollow aluminum shell.  I purchased a MacBook “skin” ($19 on Etsy) and a Koogeek Light Strip ($39 on Amazon) which works with HomeKit.  I applied the skin to the back of the lid to create a piece of artwork.  I inserted the curled up light strip inside the empty shell and situated it around the Apple logo.  It’s held in place with packing tape.



Apple had placed a piece of white material directly over the plastic logo.  I left this as I think it helps the light coming through the logo be more evenly distributed.  At night, light emits from the empty ports and the Apple logo glows according to the color of my choice. 



I hung it on the wall and now I can tell Siri to “Turn on the MacBook Air Lamp” or “Make the MacBook Air Lamp Red.”  


See the attached photos taken in daylight.  I used a skin called "The Rainbow Neon Translucent Vortex" from TheSkinDudes on Etsy.


I next remembered I had a 15 inch MacBook Pro from 2006 that didn’t work and was stored in a closet.  I ordered another skin and light strip and again reduced the MBP to an empty aluminum shell.  


See the attached photos taken at night for the final product.  I used the "HD Vibrant Colored Strands" skin from TheSkinDudes on Etsy.  The Apple logo colors are actually more vivid and intense than they appear to be in these photos.


You’ll need to buy some special screw drivers from MacFixit in order to get your old MacBook apart.  Just wanted to share this.  






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